Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Reading Lists/Introductory Books

Although by no means necessary, it is always useful to have read a few books on or about law before considering a conversion course, attending an interview, or beginning one's degree. Below are a selection of colleges' reading lists and introductory texts that are sent to potential students. By no means is reading these books compulsory, but these are some pieces of literature which have been chosen for their friendliness to the law layman, as well as being (relatively!) enjoyable to read.

Learning the Law - Glanville Williams
What About Law? - O'Sullivan & Virgo
Letters to a Law Student: A Guide to Studying Law at University - Nicholas McBride

St Edmund's
Discovering the Law - Sean Butler (editor)
Letters to a Law Student - Nicholas McBride

Learning legal skills - Simon Lee + Marie Fox (2nd ed 1994)
Learning legal rules - James Holland + Julian Webb (1991)
Studying law - Phillip Kenny (4th ed 1998)

An introduction to Roman Law - Barry Nicholas (1962, 2nd impression 1975)
Constitutional reform - R Blackburn + R Plant (1999)
Tort Law - Tony Weir
Understanding Criminal Law - CMV Clarckson (1987, 2nd impression 1989)

Advocates - David Pannick (1992)
Judges - David Pannick (1992)
Eve was framed - Helena Kennedy (1992)
The politics of the judiciary - JAG Griffith (4th ed 1991)
The law machine - Marcel Berlins + Clare Dyer (3rd ed 1989)
The discipline of law - Lord Denning (1979)

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